Sleep Solutions

If sleep is a basic human function, why is it so damn difficult?

Helping those with sleep disorders to learn different ways to face difficult nights and stop seeing the bed as the enemy.

Sleep Solutions
Sleep Solutions

We hear all the time…

…the dangers associated with not sleeping the magical eight hours each night. Feeling like a failure for your inability to sleep, anxiety spikes and keeps you awake longer. You realize you have spent hours awake wondering what is wrong with your body. You relive the day – “what mistakes did I make because I was too tired to think clearly?” You think through the next day’s responsibilities – “what can I get away with canceling?” Doctors prescribe medications designed to help us fall asleep and stay asleep, but they only work short-term and this is a long-term problem. One medication is supplemented with another and another, but that cocktail still isn’t resulting in a good night of sleep. Will the bed ever be more than a torture chamber?

We don’t hear about the success stories, the people who were able to overcome insomnia and live a healthier, more enjoyable life. These are the people we all want to be. We spend a huge amount of effort researching sleep hygiene, trying new devices, and sampling medications and supplements. What if we could learn to simply be good sleepers who don’t have to put all this effort into something that should be effortless?

Behavioral Sleep Solutions exists for the purpose of creating success stories. Graduates of our program are able to fall asleep comfortably, get the sleep they need, no longer feel anxiety and fear about sleep, and generally enjoy life more. Many of them are able to discontinue medications in the process. If you would like to be a success story, contact me!

Services offered


Discontinuing Medications for Sleep

Sometimes the occasional sleep aid can be helpful. Other times it gets out of hand.


Treating sleep disorders in a group setting is an excellent way to ensure that everyone gets the care they need as quickly as possible.


Sometimes it’s both members of the couple who struggle with sleep, and other times it’s only one person but the other is affected and needs to be involved.

Sleep for the Whole Family

There is often a domino effect among families: One person struggles with sleep, so everyone struggles with sleep.

Sleep difficulties related to pregnancy/postpartum

Whether you are going through treatment for infertility, are currently pregnant…

CPAP anxiety/claustrophobia

Wearing a CPAP can be annoying or even panic-inducing. Not wearing a CPAP can lead to numerous health complications and poor quality of life.

One-on-one counseling:

In traditional therapy style, we meet weekly to discuss the concepts of CBT for insomnia.

Not sure which type of treatment is best for you? Let’s chat and figure it out. Schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

Become a sleep success story

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
~ Thoreau

I’m Erin Shadle, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

If you had told me in 2007 – the year I completed my Master’s in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University – that a decade later I would be living in Asheville, NC and treating sleep disorders, I would have laughed at you…(read more)


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“Before starting this CBT-I program, I needed medication every night to fall asleep,l and going to bed felt more like a challenge. I was tired and felt miserable all day. When bedtime approached, so did the stress and resentment. Now, after completing the CBT-I program, I no longer need medication and I no longer resent bedtime. I actually look forward to going to bed and falling asleep. I now consistently get great nights of sleep, and for the nights when sleep doesn’t come easy - I am now equipped with several tools provided by this program. I am now my own sleep expert. This program accomplished in eight weeks what I was unable to do on my own for a year. If you’re an insomnia sufferer, I can’t recommend this program enough.”


Behavioral Sleep Solutions
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